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COAT EXPO Invites Thai Paint Manufacturers Association
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Opening Ceremony

COAT EXPO co-organizers, Guangdong Coating Industry Association and Shunde Chamber of Commerce of Paints had organized 6 coatings enterprises including Badesa, Dipon, Talapaints, Union Chemical Co., Ltd., Jointas Chemicals and Daqingfang to attend The 6th China-ASEAN Economic and Trading Activities from Nov. 6-10, 2014.

Main attendees Mrs. Huang Kai, Chairman of Guangdong Coating Industry Association(GDCIA); Mr. Lv Shuilei, Secretary General of GDCIA ; Mr. Hu Jingzhao, President of Shunde Chamber of Commerce of Paints; Mr.Fang Xueping, President of Badesa ; Mr. Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Dipon Coatings, Mr. Kang Lunguo, President of Union Chemical Co., Ltd., Dr. Chen Zhonghua, Technical Director of Jointas Chemical, Mr. Jiang Lianqing, General Manager of Daqingfang Paints as well as the companys’ Purchasing Director and Vice GM, a total of 16 people had made a series of business investigation in Thailand.

China-Thailand Coatings Industry Networking

Guangdong Coating Delegation had met Thai Paint Manufacturers Association(TPMA) and friendly exchanged and dialogued with Mr.Zhang Zhenfeng, President of TPMA, Ms. Zheng Yangmei, Vice President of TPMA and other Thai coatings enterprises in the morning of Nov 7th, 2014. During the meeting, Mr. Zhang Zhenfeng expressed warm welcome on behalf of TPMA to the Guangdong Coating Delegation. Thai Paint Manufacturers Association maintains good exchanges and cooperation with Guangdong Coating Industry Association, and it was introduced that TPMA was founded in 2000, currently has more than 90 Member companies, including Nippon, Jotun Coatings and TOA, the top brand in Thailand. The coatings in Thailand are mainly solvent-based, while the water-borne wood coatings are not widely used now. The Chairman of TPMA also said, due to the ASEAN Integration and Tax-free economy policy, Thai coatings will grow dramatically in the coming years to push the rapid development of ASEAN coatings export. The sense of using environmental coatings is getting increased in Thai and great potentials are to be tapped for water-borne coatings. China is a big coatings producer in the world and Guangdong province is the top of the list. Guangdong is good at producing wood coatings that TPMA wants to expand the cooperation with Guangdong on this.



Guangdong Coating Industry Association organizes delegations to Thailand
Mrs. Huang Kai, Chairman of Guandong Coating Industry Association thanked Thai Paint Manufacturers Association for organizing the China-Thailand Coatings Industry Networking Event. This networking is very meaningful and builds a direct link between Chinese members with Thai coating enterprises, to help better learn about each other. Chairman Huang expected to keep exchanging on information, technology and strategy with Thai and invited Thai Paint Manufacturers Association to join COAT EXPO 2015 – The 11th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printing Inks and Adhesives Exhibition on May 11-13, 2015 and visited Guangdong coatings enterprises.


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