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Taiwan Synthetic Resin & Adhesives Industrial Association Pavilion in COATEXPO 2015
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COAT EXPO 2015 is the association-supported international coatings exhibition, scheduled on May 11-13, 2015 in Guangzhou, China. Many exhibitor pavilions are organized by association partners. Here we recommend “Taiwan Synthetic Resin & Adhesives Industrial Association (TSRAIA) Pavilion” in this issue.


Taiwan Synthetic Resin & Adhesive Industrial Association is the close partner for COAT EXPO 2015 and organized members to exhibit and visit for many years. As of October 2014, over 10 TSRAIA members have nailed down to exhibit in COAT EXPO 2015. Below are some of the exhibitors briefing and welcome to visit these companies in COAT EXPO 2015.

Sanho Chemical Co., Ltd  www.sanho.com.tw

1. Non-reactive polyamide resin
① Polyamide For Ink Vehicle
② Polyamide For Hot-Melt
2. Hardener For Epoxy Resin
① Reactive Polyamide Resin
② Modified Polyamine
③ Modified Polyamine Adduct
④ Polyamide Resin(Solution type)
3. Special Hardener for Epoxy Resin
① Waterborne Curing Agent
② Laten Curing Agent


Ta Chung Machine Co., Ltd. http://www.ata-chung.com.tw/tw/about-6

Ta Chung Machine was found in 1986 and has developed a full range of chemicals, bio-energy and biotechnology equipments.


Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd. http://www.nanpaoresins.com.tw

Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd. was one of the Top 500 industries in Taiwan and is engaged in the manufacturing of adhesives, coatings, chemical resins and special chemical products. Its production plant locations are widely spread over Taiwan, China (Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian), Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. The number of employees is over 1,900.

Chansieh Enterprises Co., Ltd http://www.chansieh.com.tw/index.aspx
Taiwan has achieved rapid progress in the chemical industry and economic growth for the past ten years. In line with such expansion, CSEG products are diversified. Some of its major products are water based, solvent based and solid type Acrylic Resins, Aqueous Polyurethane Resin, Polyester Resin for Powder Coating, Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Resin, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Emulsion Resin, Phenolic Molding Compound and Hot Melt Adhesive.


Perma Enterprise Co., Ltd http://www.perma.com.tw

Industrial adhesive / sealant / Packing Paste
UV glue / IR glue / instant glue / hypoxia glue
Conductive / Thermal conductive adhesives
Adhesive for Epoxy Adhesive Series
Self-leveling Roof/ Outside Wall Waterproof Silicone Rubber
Epoxy Putty and Clay Series
Waterproofing Construction Material
Facades stone / tile special organic adhesive
Modified silicone series  (MS)
Adhesive, Sealant series certificated by GBM
Customized adhesive / sealant development, production

Kuen Bong Chemical Industry Corp http://www.kuenbong.com.tw

Established in 1984, Kuen Bong Chemical Industry Corp is located in the beautiful Lang-Yang Plain, northeast of Taiwan. Originally, it produced lumber and plywood adhesives resin. With the main techniques from Lee Chang Yung Chemical industry Corp. , its high-quality products have been highly acclaimed by the customers. As the economy in Taiwan rapidly grows, so industries diversify. They always insist on the principles of being honest, conservative, active and innovative. In order to keep up with the trend, they put lots of efforts on R&D, expand their manufacturing capacity by restoring facilities and develop products which are better and of higher quality. We help our customers across a wide range of industries bring improved products to the market.
Kuen Bong Chemical Industry Corp bends itself to research Urea resins, melamine resins, phenolic resins, polyurethane resins, epoxy resins and other products, widely used in the industries of wood processing, bakelite molding, wheel, Brake, metal casting, tires, plastic, food packaging, textile processing, building waterproofing, heat protection, aims to become major manufacturer of synthetic resin adhesives.


Jiaqian Chemicals Co. Ltd.,
Products: Paint / Industrial additives / Raw material

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