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[Exhibitor] Zhaoqing Shenghao New Material Technology Co., LTD
ICIE 2021
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Zhaoqing Shenghao New Material Technology Co., LTD

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Company Profile

Zhaoqing Shenghao New Material Technology Co., Ltd., established in July 2016, has passed the ISO9002 international quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and is a national high-tech enterprise. The company produces a series of new materials such as nano materials "high efficiency sterilization treasure" and "high efficiency purification treasure", and has won the title of high-tech products in Guangdong.

The company produces various composite nano high-efficiency sterilization materials. Its main products include various types of composite nano "high-efficiency sterilization treasure" (for ceramics) and composite nano "high-efficiency purification treasure" (for coatings), with an annual production capacity of more than 10000 tons. Professor Wang Peiyu is the chief technical expert of the company, and cooperates with professors, doctors and technical experts from many universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad to take the lead in launching new composite nano multifunctional antibacterial and sterilization materials in China. The material has outstanding application value in ceramic glaze, coating, paint, plastic, rubber, skin care and even in the field of national defense and military. It is a composite multifunctional material with antibacterial, bactericidal, virus killing, algae resistance, self-cleaning, formaldehyde removal, odor prevention, pollution prevention, air purification and UV protection. It can be added to various products to ensure people's health and keep people away from bacteria and viruses. At the same time, it will not form secondary pollution and plays an extremely important and irreplaceable role in optimizing the environment. Compared with silver ion or silver antibacterial materials, it has incomparable long-term and stability.


1. High efficiency purification treasure GXJH-01 (preferred interior wall coating)


GXJH-01 completely replace the preservatives, fungicides in the original paint, as well as azole inhibitor and anti-aging agent.

Functions: sterilization, bacteriostasis, virus killing, formaldehyde removal, toluene removal, odor removal, TVOC removal, anti mildew, scrub resistance, mosquito prevention, anti-aging and other functions.

2. Multi-functional nano-paddle MATERIAL DGJL-04 (for internal and external wall paint)


DGJL-04 completely replace the preservatives, fungicides and anti-aging agents in the coatings.

Functions: germicidal, bacteriostasis, virus killing, formaldehyde removal, toluene, odor removal, TVOC removal, mildew proof, scrubbing, mosquito repellent, anti-aging and other functions.

3. Anti-mildew and anti-aging function powder   FMKLH-02    (preferred for exterior wall paint)


FMKLH-02 completely replace the original preservatives, anti mildew agents and anti-aging agents in the external walls.

Functions: germicidal, anticorrosive, mildew proof, anti aging, scrubbing, no environmental pollution, it is a kind of healthy and environmental material.

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