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Inviting professional audience and high quality purchasers

1. Senior management, technical and purchasing personnel of coating factory, ink factory, adhesive factory, plastic production and processing enterprise.

2. Chemical raw materials and equipment distributors, agents, import and export trading companies.

3. Coating research departments / experts, relevant universities and industry associations / chambers of commerce organizations, business groups, etc.

4. Coating distributors / agents, coating application enterprises in construction, decoration, furniture, home appliances, electronic appliances, automobiles, ships, transportation, light industry, heavy industry, electric power, metallurgy, container manufacturing, marine engineering, municipal engineering, pipeline engineering, steel structure engineering, aerospace, military industry and other industries, coating application enterprises, industry associations / societies, chambers of commerce and professionals, etc.

5. Key invitation for overseas buyers / visitors: coating production enterprises in emerging economies such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as coating import and export distributors / agents, trade groups, investigation groups, well-known experts, etc.

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